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Pre- Made remedies

Need a Detox? No Health Concerns? 

Try one of our pre-made natural detox remedies below.

They actually WORK!!

Full Body Detox

This all natural full body cleanse does exactly what it says. It cleanses the cells, the liver, kidneys, colon, and blood by eliminating toxins and harmful impurities left in the body such as heavy metals, free radicals, mucus and more. Just wait to see how good good you will feel. You won't believe how good it works and plus it's COMPLETELY NATURAL!

Male Enhancement 

You can't get this type of action blend anywhere else, it will have her screaming all night looooong!

It's all-natural, and it works by ensuring potency as it  increases blood flow to the genital area to increase desire. Our Male Enhancement Boost contains a natural herbal steroid that rejuvenates and gives vigor to lovemaking. It also contains Nitrous Oxide (NO) which is important for producing an erection. Go ahead and shake the room!!

Weight loss  Remedy

Our Weight-Loss Cleanse improves digestion and aids  your metabolism and its efficiency to metabolize fats. You'll burn more calories and stubborn belly fat fast! When they see you after your healing journey; They won't believe it's you!

Colon/Parasite cleanse

This all natural Colon/ Parasite Cleanse does exactly what it says. It provides the body with a high amount of antioxidant, tackles the unwanted build up of fecal matter in the colon, and eliminates parasitic infections and worms. WOOO!​

Immunity Boost

Our Immunity Boost is crafted with herbs meant to bring you comfort knowing you are help building your body’s defense system against the harmful toxins, rays, and impurities that bring you down. With our natural immunity boost Say bye to illness and get ready for wellness!​


Quarantine with the perfect ​natural remedy to fight off any virus, bacteria, and/or common cold/flu on your sick day!

Prostate Source

Keep up with your prostate health with this amazing all natural product designed to balance hormone and glandular function, stop the cellular process that causes tumor development, prevents prostate cancer/enlargement and maintains a healthy prostate.

Muscle Boost

Give those muscles a boost with our natural muscle enhancer. This Booster is designed to increase lean body mass and turn that fatty tissue into solid muscles! 


Quickly bring down and maintain healthy blood pressure function with our 100% natural & effective High Blood Pressure Aid! Our HBP remedy improves blood flow, reduces stress hormones in the body, and reduces inflammation in the heart tissues.

Inner-G  Boost

Get the Energy you need naturally without the coffee, the chemicals, or the harmful energy drinks that lead to serious health conditions concerning the heart. We got you completely covered the nature way.

Mind Power​

Enhance your memory, cognitive abilities, and revitalize your brain power naturally with our natural Mind Power Remedy. This remedy contains a sufficient amount of antioxidants and memory enhancing herbs needed to boost your memory and do away with Alzheimer’s.

Breathe Remedy 

Breathe better with a remedy powered to strengthen the lungs for those struggling with Asthma, Bronchitis, Smokers lungs, and Upper Respiratory infections.

Mommy Tox

This Goddess Tox is made specifically for our expecting and nursing mommies. We provide you with the nutrients and minerals needed for a healthy pregnancy and a successful nursing. It also, promotes healthy physical and neural development of your growing bundle of joy.

Snooze Remedy

Say bye to sleepless nights and rest with ease with our natural Snooze Remedy. For those suffering with Insomnia and other sleep related disorders.

Yoni Tox 

This is a natural Vaginal Tox, designed to stimulate the uterus in cleansing of dead tissue, yeast, bacteria, infectious diseases, and mucus. Great for Goddesses suffering from Fibroids, PCOS, infertility, Endometriosis, BV, UTI, Vaginitis, and other vaginal disorders. 

Power Couple Tox

How about a detox for 2? Cleanse the Full body together with our trusted all-natural Full Body Tox or Transform together with our powerful Weight Loss Cleanse! Either one will provide the support and balance you need in a detox for a successful health transformation for the both of you!

Ebony Healing Detox Remedies are herbal formulas and products designed specifically to assist each individual in achieving optimal health by aiding their body in the natural process of disposing and eliminating toxins, waste, and mucus. Our customers have displayed breakthroughs in several areas such as; weight loss, energy, happiness, a decrease in stress and anxiety, and more.Additionally, we would like our users to be advised that our product is not intended to replace or contradict the services of a qualified health specialist/physician in the treatment of any ailment or disease. This product has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA.

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