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Q: What does Ebony Healing Detox Tea do?

A: The Ebony Healing Detox Tea is an herbal formula designed specifically to assist each individual in achieving optimal health.  How we do so, is supply the body with a specific herbal solution to aid the body in the natural process of disposing and eliminating the toxins, waste, and the leading cause of any disease, MUCUS. Additionally, we are required to advise that our product is not intended to replace or contradict the services of a qualified health specialist/physician in the treatment of any ailment or disease.

Q: I noticed my menstrual cycle is a lot heavier, longer, and painful. Is this something I should worry about?

A: No. Unfortunately, as woman we have to endure the aches of menstruate cramps. As we are cleansing and detoxing our bodies, one of the ways our Queens remove excess dead tissue and mucus  surrounding the uterine walls is through our menstrual cycle. As a result, you may experience and/or notice severe cramps, heavy bleeding w/o blood clumps, and longer menstrual periods.

Q: I am experiencing flu-like symptoms, but I don't feel sick?

Q: Are Ebony Healing’s tea safe?

A: Yes, all of EH (Ebony Healing) Teas are 100% naturally organic and safe to use. Each herb used in our tea is selectively picked based off the completed Ebony Healing Consent/Order form of the consumer’s needs. We take pride in preparing these special compounds that will optimally help promote the body’s natural healing process. We do however always recommend that if you have any concerns, please consult with your primary physician.

If you have any questions or concerns about the safety of Ebony Healing detox teas please contact us by email at and a representative will reach out to you within 24 to 48 business hours.

Q: What foods should I eat and/or stay away from?

A: The American diet consists largely of acidic foods such as meat, eggs, dairy, soda, sugar, and coffee. We can reduce the acid in the body by reducing the amount of acidic foods we eat, while increasing the amounts of alkaline foods we eat. This may seem too simple of a way to strengthen the immune system and fight off disease, but it is this simple. When we eat foods our bodies reduce the food to an ash of nutrients which are then absorbed into our various organs. Though fruits register as acidic outside the body, these foods are reduced to alkaline substances which are used to strengthen our life energy.

Q: How long can my Ebony Healing tea stay fresh?

A: The Ebony Healing Tea can and will stay fresh up to 3 weeks as long as it is kept refrigerated. We recommend discarding the Tea 30 days after the day of purchase. If the Tea gives off a sour vinegar smell, the tea can no longer be consumed.

Q: "Is my stool supposed to look like that"...."Yuck!"?

A: (LOL) Yes, be mindful that because we are detoxing and the toxins and impurities from your body and making it a more alkaline environment, your body’s main organs, glands, and arteries are beginning to wake up. As a result, the cavities and canals of those organs are causing the disposal of mucus from the mucous membranes. Mucous membranes line many tracts and structures of the body, including the mouth, nose, eyelids, trachea (windpipe) and lungs, stomach, intestines, urinary bladder, etc. Therefore, more eye mucus, mucus in your stool, spitting up mucus, runny noses, and other forms of secreted mucus should be something to celebrate!

Q: I would like to use the EH Body Butter; however, I am allergic to one or more of the ingredients. Am I able to get this particular ingredient removed?

A: Fortunately, we at Ebony Healing do our best to accommodate our entire customer base needs and requests. In consideration, we are able to remove certain ingredients from your EH Body Butter so that you can too enjoy the rejuvenating feeling the butter provides. To do so, please contact us via email at with the subject EH Body Butter – Last Name, First Name. In the body of the email, please provide the ingredient(s) you are allergic to and we will confirm within 24 hours if we are able to accommodate your needs.

Q: I’ve noticed that some EH Teas are different colors. Why is that?

A: EH Teas are designed specifically for each individual’s ailment and/or needs that we deem fit for them. Therefore, depending on the herbs in a solution the tea appearance may be diverse  

Q: Is the CEO certified in making herbal tea remedies?

A: No, the CEO is not certified in making herbal tea remedies. The licensing of medical and many health practices (e.g. massage therapists) occurs on a state level. There is currently no licensing or certification for herbalists in any state that precludes the rights of anyone to use, dispense, or recommend herbs. However, in a small number of states such as California, Naturopathic (ND) and acupuncturist licensing laws (LAc) include clauses that define natural remedies and sometimes specifically herbal remedies within the scope of the licensed practice. There is currently no state-level licensing for herbalists other than those linked to an acupuncture license (LAc). However, no current license precludes the right of other health professionals or lay persons to use, dispense, or recommend herbs, and additional legal protections granted to the license holder specifically related to the use of herbs are not always clear. However, the CEO is a strong believer that knowledge is free and through years of self-research, following of other successful herbalists, and lively experience; the CEO has successfully created solutions that have achieved desired results for your fellow Ebony Healees.

Q: Do you have a solution for pregnant and/or nursing mothers? 

A: (EH) Ebony Healing has developed an all natural solution for both expecting and/or nursing mothers. These teas are designed to benefit the physical & neural development of your baby. We make sure to also provide our supermoms with extra vitamins & nutrients beneficial to both the baby's health and theirs.

Q: Is Ebony Healing safe for children?

A: ​One of the most common mental disorders diagnosed in children is ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) which includes a combination of persistent problems, such as difficulty sustaining attention, hyperactivity and impulsive behavior. Fortunately, Ebony Healing has created a safe formula for children in which we provide their body with minerals to aid in both physical and neural development. Furthermore, because EH is designed specifically for each individual, we do not recommend allowing the child to consume another individual’s formula. In the case that it has been consumed by a child, please seek medical attention from a qualified health care provider.

Q: What if my bottle has been stolen, lost or damaged?

A: ​If your glass bottle received during your purchase of the Ebony Healing Detox Plan is not exchanged during the drop off of a requested refill in good condition or if it has been lost or stolen, a $10 fee will be assessed to you for any damages and/ or recovery.

Q: Are you able to ship internationally?

A:Yes, we do ship internationally. We have an International Plan that provides our distant Eboneers 5 weeks of their personalized detox solution, a 5 Week Alkaline Meal Plan, a 24 oz Eboneer Bottle, and a 5 week Prosperity Plan. Click Here to order now.

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