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Ebony Testimonials

"Check out what some of your fellow Eboneers had to say"

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She hasn't had a natural cycle in over 2 years but that has changed when she tried natures way of healing with Ebony Healing! Check out her success story!

Adrienne Taylor


happy client

Ronald Price

" I feel great! My skin cleared up and i lost about 10 lbs. I'm getting some of the best sleep I've  had in years, I don't even want to wake up. I'm going to need another refill in about 5 or 6 days."

no more tumors

Delma Alvarez

Hello Ebony,

I wanted to take this moment to thank you for the drink my daughter Angie ordered from you for me. As you can see on the picture of my labs I've attached, I'm on dialysis. I just made 3 years on the 15th of October. As my daughter can attest, I've tried numerous remedies during this time. This is the first time my labs have come back so good and I can honestly say it's a direct result of your product, since aside from my diet, it's the only thing I've done differently.

When it comes to the Kt/V, the PTH and my phosphorous, the remedy had nothing to do with that since that has direct correlation to the dialysis machine and the Renvela pill.

Thank you once again and may God continue to bless your efforts.


Delma Alvarez 

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satisfied client

Marjoriea Jacobs

"Everyone needs to try one of Ebony Healing’s Detox Teas!!!!

For the almost 4 years, I struggled with my skin. When I turned 40 I had a horrible onset of adult acne, forcing me to go to the dermatologist who prescribed overpriced pills and creams as the remedy. When I say overpriced, I mean $150 with GREAT insurance, every 30 days I had to refill. By the time I was 43, I was getting scaly skin around my eyes and mouth, breaking out in rashes on my neck and arms and was itching everywhere….all of the time. Turns out I had eczema/ psoriasis and was allergic to nuts. I went back to the dermatologist who prescribed more pills and topical creams that didn’t work. In addition to that, I was being told by my Internal MD that if I didn’t do something fast, I was going to be on blood pressure meds, indefinitely. I made some serious life style changes, including flooding my system with raw fruits and vegetables. The combination of that and low impact exercise 3 times week, seemed to be working very well and I was pleased with what I was seeing. I was advised that I should add a Detox Tea to my regimen to help aid in expediting the natural healing process of my body. That’s when I was introduced to Ebony Healing! After adding one of their detox teas specifically made to target my problems, my results went from working very well to being sky rocket amazing!!! My skin cleared up at a lighting fast pace and was glowing, I was able to bypass taking any kind of blood pressure meds, and I was able to expel waste better, which helped me go from 178 lbs. to 166 lbs. This was in November of 2016 and I have been able to maintain my results in every area. I recently had a serious sinus infection that turned into walking pneumonia and decided to give the Mucus Cleanse Tea a try. Needless to say that after 3 days of the tea and some much needed rest, my mucus color went from green/brown to clear…a sign that your body is healing and infection is leaving… no prescribed meds! Now at 44, I feel better and look just as good, if not better, than when I did at 33!I can’t say enough about Ebony Healing; it has truly been a God send!!"

satisfied client

Denise Barrett

"Happiness, Love, & Ebony Healing helped me achieve my weight-loss goals. Some results like more energy are almost immediate after drinking Ebony Healing's Tea. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to truly improve their health the natural way."

happy client

Deja Rice

"I just want to thank you so much. Your tea is really a blessing and a miracle. I can't wait to get my THIRD re-fill!!!!!"

happy client

Angel Terry

"I was very sluggish in the morning and never wanted to get out of bed. Ever since I began drinking the herbs, I have great energy that makes me want to put on makeup, a cute dress, and seize the day!"

happy client

Casmine Evans

"Since I have been drinking the herbal teas provided by Ebony Healing I have dropped 2.2 lbs in a week and the swelling I have dealt with has drastically decreased..... my energy level is through the roof. I am forever a customer. Thanks Ebony Healing for the healthy state you are putting my body into."

happy client

Deirdre Bowie-Johnson

"I've been drinking this tea for about two weeks now! I have a lot of joint pain and I've noticed I am able to stand in the shower longer now! I love knowing I am putting nature's own into my body opposed to man-made medicines. I highly recommend this tea! I'm looking forward to the good things that is going to come from it."

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